Updates again...

My other writing stints have made me forget about my loves...my personal and food blog. Sorry...I never meant to hurt thee.
I've been busy. Writing for the examiner plus yelp plus best dish ever plus comfort food network plus writing jobs plus keeping up with social networking. Ugh. And I also have a day job and tennis and going out and more...
Yikes! But I thought that every month I should set goals on top of these to keep me on track of my original goals.
Start driving in March. That is really THE priority right now. Finish my driving and continue my orthodontic goal. So I actually plan to do these:
Sunday- Examiner/Best Dish Ever/Yelp/Etc/BLOGS and Tennis
Monday- Tennis
Tuesday- Examiner/Best Dish Ever/Yelp/Etc
Wednesday-Examiner/Best Dish Ever/Yelp/Etc
Thursday-Examiner/Best Dish Ever/Yelp/Etc
Saturday-Rest or Examiner/Best Dish Ever/Yelp/Etc/BLOGS

The rest will be in between or as scheduled or as spontaneity dictates. Wish me luck.

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